Connecting Customers and Suppliers to Solutions That Propel Innovation and Drive Growth

We conduct continuous market research and analysis, and work closely with solution providers to identify the most appropriate and effective services/products to resolve the problems identified by our experts in Asian and Middle-Eastern markets. We have all the necessary resources to introduce, promote and distribute your products directly to the right clients.

About our company

We blend both customization and expertise into one package by providing a wide variety of products both in bulk loads, packaging based and also custom packaging.
Additionally, we can work with our suppliers in order to have custom packaging based on your needs.

Delivering Excellence Service

While sourcing and sales drive the business, our logistics strength provides the linkage that pulls the two together and enables us to offer excellent service to our customers and suppliers.

Our strength comes from our contracts for ocean freight, warehousing capacity and local delivery services. We work closely with our steamship partners to coordinate agreements that benefit both sides. We match our outbound and inbound freight with the shipping lanes that give the greatest value to the carrier, while providing the best economic value to Connell Brothers and our partners.

We have a centralized warehousing and distribution system that provides you realistic, and measurable results. Our good relation has preceded our work by delivering the right products to your doors, at the right price, at the right time since we are looking for long-term relationship.

We’re your marketing partner for success!

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