Irman Mehr Gostar LTD. has a large inventory of broad range of chemicals and these products are the results of focused innovation combined with a deep knowledge and understanding of applications from renowned brands that are partner with us such as Luxferd, Vibfast, LG Chemical and etc. Our mission is to achieve the world's best-cost competitiveness and pursue customer satisfaction by indulging diverse needs of customers through increasing of the products from different manufacturers.

Who Uses Our Products:

Decorative Paints & Coatings

Industrial Paints & Coatings




Food Industry

Agricultural Seeds

Our Products

Irman Mehr Gostar LTD. product's division is very active and has acted as a bridge between the regions. With the help of our customers, communities and manufacturers we help people thrive by applying our knowledge and our combined experience of over 30 years.

Chemical Products

  • Inorganic Pigments
  • Organic Pigments
  • Epoxy Resins and Hardeners
  • Solvents
  • Stabilizer For Plastics
  • Automobile Paint
  • PVC/Plasticizer

Food Industry

  • Food Coloring
  • MPG
  • Soya Lecithin
  • MSG
  • Minerals